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adoption agreement AID

Adoption agreement between ‘We’ (A.I.D.) and the adopter

You adopt an animal, you don’t “buy” an animal.
The animal will be adopted once the adoption fee is received, which must be within 7 days from the reservation date or the animal will be up for adoption again.

The animal remains the property of A.I.D.
The adopter is obliged to care for the animal properly and to treat the animal in accordance with the law regulating the protection and welfare of animals.

We may come to carry out a home visit at any time and if there is neglect we could take the animal back with us.
In this case we will not pay you back the adoption fee.

The adopter is obliged to give the necessary vaccinations annually and take care of the appropriate and necessary medical care use in case of illness or an accident.
If the adopter moves to another home, we must be notified within two weeks.
The animal must reside at the address of the adopter at all times with exception of holidays etc.

If the animal cannot stay with adopter, the animal must always be returned to A.I.D. at a date to be agreed. A.I.D. will need one month time to find a solution, sometimes it takes more time.

The animal should not be exploited for farming or other commercial purposes.
The adopter or other persons must not cut the tails, ears or any other mutilation of the animal. If adopting a cat, you must agree that you will not de-claw the cat.

Spaying and neutering of the animal is required as soon as it is of the correct age. In the case of a female dog, preferably after the 1st season and the adopter must forward a certificate from the vet to show that sterilizing has taken place.

Pups younger than 6 months will only get a blood test when it is on the advice of the veterinarian, all animals over six months get a blood test. We do not give anything for kennel cough.

A new animal should have an adjustment period of 8 weeks after arrival. If there is a problem with the behaviour, the adopter can go to a behaviourist at their own expense.
The adopter is required to inform A.I.D. of the death of the animal.

A.I.D cannot be held liable for visible or hidden defects of the animal as well as if the animal becomes ill or dies. (subject to the provisions of paragraph**)

A.I.D. always issues a vaccination book. Because of the incubation period for infectious diseases, we will not be held responsible.

All the animals come with a microchip and we suggest that you register the chip in your name within one week of arrival.

If you are in the UK, then upon arrival please register the dog’s chip with your vet or you can also do it online via this link:

The adopter is strictly forbidden to euthanize the animal, even if the animal should be aggressive or bites a person and / or has seizures. This decision can only be taken in consultation with A.I.D. and in the presence of a licensed veterinarian.
A.I.D will not be liable for any damage caused to or by the animal, whatever the actual cause may be.

Infringement of one or more points in this agreement gives A.I.D. the right to take back the animal immediately. If the offense warrants then the adopter will first report it to the appropriate authorities.

**If within two weeks of adoption the animal dies due to illness or physical defect and this is verified by a veterinarian then we will refund 50% of the adoption fee, but should you wish to adopt another animal the full adoption fee must be paid.
By adopting an animal YOU support our organisation to carry on with our work.

No oral agreement may modify or change this contract. Changes or alterations shall at any time be confirmed in writing by A.I.D.
This contract, drawn up in duplicate, is read and understood. All terms of this contract are hereby accepted.


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