My name is Ben

Video of when Bill & Ben arrived at our refuge on the 17th March 2012
Name: Ben Ref: D-728
Sex: Male Sterilised Not yet
Born: 1st December 2011 Ok with Dogs Yes
Breed: Pointer cross Ok with cats Yes
Size: Large Ok with Children: Yes

Ben and Bill were found running along the road chasing the cars. Someone must have abandoned the. They are both a lovely pair of dogs. Ben is the bigger of the two.

Ben, or Big Ben as I affectionately call him, is in fact a tiny puppy trapped in a big dog body. He is irresistible now, so I can only imagine how handsome he will be when he is fully grown, if those paws are anything to go by he is going to be a Big Ben alright!.Big he may be, but gentle natured he most definitely is, the sweetest baby, who just wants to snuggle up to you for warmth and affection, he should probaby still be with his Mum poor pet. He has only been at the shelter for a few days but sadly the stress is already telling, he has an upset tummy poor baby. Ben experienced his very first on-lead walk the other day. Understandably he was quite daunted by the harness and the lead and quite sensibly took the precautionary step of lying down and refusing to move, bless him. However after much coaxing and kissey-kissey noises from the other end of the lead this brave boy soon decided to give it a go and it wasn't long before he was up and taking the first steps of his walk, each one rewarded with puppy sized sausage treats and more kissey-kissey noises. Ben was on his way and learning to enjoy his walk, he forgot his initial hesitation and began to investigate the sights, sounds and smells that this strange way of being out and about afforded him. By the end of the walk Ben was back on the ground, not because he didn't want to walk, quite the opposite, he didn't want to stop walking, he didn't want to go back n the kennels. With a heavy heart I had to make make going back to the kennels fun too, with kissey-kissey and sausage treats, but it broke my heart to put this baby in a metal cage :( Will you be Ben's super-hero? Can you offer Ben a home of love and kindness and regular walks. If you can find it in your heart to save him then you'll have a friend for life!

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Dogs Adopted for Holland, Belgium etc - Click for Adoption Agreement

ADOPTING A DOG OR CAT IN SPAIN - (We reserve the right to deny the adoption of an animal)

COST OF A DOG OR CAT - There is no charge but we kindly ask for a donation to cover our costs for the sterilisation, micro chip and vaccinations where applicable.

PUPPIES & KITTENS - When adopting a young animal we will also require a donation to cover our costs for the micro chip, vaccinations and future sterilisation. When the puppy or kitten is of age, you may bring it back to us and it will be sterilised free of charge by our local vet.
Should you wish to have it sterilised by your own local vet, please note that the donation will not be returned and it will be used to help stray/abandoned/abused animals.

NOTES - We do not receive any type of government or local authority funding to help the animals and we purely rely on fund raising. Every dog or cat that comes under our care is wormed, vaccinated, micro chipped and sterilised. The medical bill for each animal ranges from 70 – 200 euros each. This amount does not include things like other operations, food, collars, leads, flights, travel boxes etc.

Each long stay animal can cost on average 30 euros per month to feed, worm and flee treatment. This cost does not include vet treatment for other medical conditions that the animal may have.

What can I expect from my adopted dog?
Many dogs are found in a vastly neglected and malnourished state.
These dogs have had to fight to find food and survive.
Please keep this in mind if you want to adopt one of our dogs.
You cannot expect them to be the perfect pet from the first day. Some dogs need from a few days to a few months of trust and slow adjustment is needed.

Please do not give up after only 24 hours, how can you expect a dog to get to know and understand things in such a short time?
Some of these dogs have had a very sad past others are simply pets that have suddenly been left without a home, we therefore ask you to think twice before adopting and give these animals some time.
Some dogs have never been in a house, much less had love and hugs.

Every animal that comes in to us is prepared for this as they get as much love and attention as possible in our foster homes and our refuge, but when they are adopted, they are suddenly taken away and for some dogs this is another stressful situation but with enough patience and love things will turn out alright.
Adult dogs will need to understand commands in a new language, which will be very strange for them.
While the dogs are in our foster homes we try and teach them in English the basic commands e.g. come, sit, stay as well as walk on the lead and most     answer to their new given name. Most of the dogs in our refuge will learn their new name and answer to it as well as walk on the lead.
We get to know their character so that we can advise you when you place an adoption enquiry but will also advise you as to which dog would be most suitable for you.

Unfortunately, many people expect the perfect dog!
People will sometimes adopt a dog and after one week he still pees or messes in their new home or maybe barks a bit too much or he growls a bit, which is not a problem so they decide that the dog must be returned without making an effort to make it work.
Unfortunately you are adopting a dog, not purchasing a jar of coffee and you do not like that flavour so you exchange it or return it to the supermarket.
It is a living creature, sometimes with a very sad past, so we would prefer that you thought about it 10 times before you make the decision to adopt.

If you adopt a puppy please be patient as he will need more attention and he will for sure have little accidents all over the house. Make sure that you have some newspaper down and show it to the pup as that tends to work most of the time and take him out at regular intervals.
A grown dog will need lots of reassurance and love and be taken out at regular times on the lead for walks and to do their business

Unfortunately we can not always predict the behavior of a grown dog once he is in his new home, many factors can cause stress e.g. children, cats other dogs they do not know.

People are free to decide whether to buy a pure bred dog or adopt a refuge dog, but please remember that every time you buy a dog from a shop or breeder, you are killing a dog because if we cannot home our dogs then we cannot make space for others that could possible end up in the local killing stations as they are called.

Every day we try and help animals and when we cannot we sometimes lay awake at night worrying as to where or what has happened to that poor dog
There biggest joy for us is when one of our dogs finally finds a forever home and we receive photos and information on their progress.
All we can do is hope that the new owners have made a conscious choice and that they have thought about it many times before the adoption