Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)

Urgent Help Needed to operate 13 dog

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We have an URGENT situation with 18 young dogs living with their Spanish farmer owner who has hit hard times and all of the dogs need sterilizing and neutering URGENTLY to protect them from producing more litters. 9 females, 4 males and there are also older pups far too young to operate as well as 5 that need to be homed asap. If the females get pregnant now, there is 55 potential pups to be born and then what?

I am begging you to help. I cannot do this alone.
We are quoted 1200 euros to get this done, which is fantastic.
BUT it's 1200 euros that AID does not have.
If I set up a fundrazr, it will charge 5 per cent.
Help me stop the risk of hundreds of unwanted puppies being born in this situation by donating to our bank account or Pay pal choosing friends and family.
Both methods of payment can be found below

I will declare a running tally daily of this special fundraiser and everyone will receive a confirmation of thanks by email. I'm exhausted and praying we get support in this. Thank you in advance Joe.
spay & neuter

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ACCOUNT NAME: Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)
BANK NAME: Cajasur
LOCAL BRANCH ADDRESS: Ave. General Aranda, 29100 Coin, Malaga, Spain.
IBAN: ES40 0237 0629 60 9165261773 
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0237 0629 60 9165261773 

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We are A Registered Charity No. 7974 - - CIF- G92937002


All other funds raised are allocated to the following:

  • Vet consultations
  • Dog – Leishmania test and treatment if applicable
  • Tables/injections
  • Drops/collars for protection against flea, tick, mosquito
  • Sterilising dogs & cats
  • Vaccinations
  • Worming
  • Special Puppy/kitten milk + food
  • Microchips
  • Unexpected operations
  • Flight/road transport for homed animals here and abroad
  • Blood samples and passports
  • Sterilising feral cats whenever possible.  
  • Projects expenses to help animals that come into our care.
  • Dog food
  • Cat food
  • Cat litter
  • Collars and leads
  • Animal houses for refuge/foster homes
  • Beds
  • Toys
  • Other unforeseen expenses to help the animals
  • Collaborating & helping some private individuals that rescue animals as well as small charities