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Sasha – She was born around mid May and she was found early July with her sister by the side of a country road, most likely abandoned and both pups had lots of ticks and fleas. Sasha had a broken leg, which the vet put into a splint straight away, however because she is a puppy and always playing, the splint did not stay in place so she had an operation and a plate was inserted but because of her little legs the plate could only be fixed with two screws top and bottom rather than the usual three. However Sasha rejected the plate and had to have another operation and this time the leg was pinned and will have to stay in place for about 8 weeks.
This means that from the beginning of July until early November Sasha will have been constantly wearing a plastic collar around her head and has had two operations on her leg and she is still on medication. Poor Sasha is still to know what a normal life is!!!
Sasha meanwhile has been adopted and her new family are paying for her to be transported to her new home however this leaves us with a large bill to pay the vet. We very seldom ask for help but we need funds so we can help as many animals as possible, so we kindly ask for donations large or small to cover her vet bills, which are at the moment over 600 euros. If you can donate please do so via the Paypal button or go to the bottom of the page for a Bank transfer with the subject ‘Sasha operation’
Shasha was found with her right leg broken
x ray of brake
A splint was put on her which did not last so she had an operation and a plate was inserted.
She rejected the plate and for a while the bone started to fuse very badly
Sasha ha a second operation with pins
Sasha after her second operation in early September

Donate any amount for Sasha

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