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A.I.D. is a registered charity in Andalucia dedicated to finding homes for stray, abandoned, abused animals found in Coin and surrounding villages in this part of Malaga in Andalucia. All the dogs that we rescue and take care off, are located in our shelter and all the young puppies are in foster care. We also have a small cattery. Our mission is to try to find good secure homes for the stray, abandoned, abused animals that are in the streets, which includes those that have been in a road accident. Most of our dogs and cats are homed in Holland with a few going to Belgium, U.K and Spain. When financially able we also try to help the individuals and small charities that are overloaded with animals and lack the funds, so we provide food and medical care. Our charity does not have any paying members and we are classified as ‘Animos sin lucro’, which an exact translation would be ‘intentions without profit’ in other words all the funds raised are used for helping the animals and none of our shop volunteers or the charity committee, which includes ourselves takes a wage so we really need every one's help. We do not receive any type of local government funding. To donate click here or the 'donate' button below. Help us to help them!!!.

A video about our charity

A video about our shelter

We were desperate for room to help more stray, abused, abandoned dogs and we now have taken on land and a building which will house the dogs. We have made repairs and lots of things have been added so that the dogs have a safe and friendly environment at a cost of 12,000 Euros. Please help us by donating via this link:
If you would like to come to Spain for one week or maybe one month and stay in accommodation at our shelter and help to feed, clean, walk and play with our rescued dogs then please click here for information
We require Flight Escorts and Travel Boxes for Dogs

joe & jan with patch at malaga airport

We have to buy flights because of lack of volunteers, so we are looking for kind people that are or will be flying to Holland and can escort dogs and cats. The dogs and cats are already adopted and are waiting for a flight to their new homes. You don’t have to do anything and it won’t cost you anything (apart from your flight ticket) as all the details are arranged by us. We make sure that the dogs and cats go through the Malaga airport procedures and a team is on hand at the other end to meet you and the dogs and cats. Also on each flight we send the animal in a travel box, which we also have to buy. There are many instances where we have run out of travel boxes. So we need your help either by donating via this link so we can purchase more dog travel boxes, or perhaps you prefer to buy one and donate, or maybe you have an old one lying around that you will never use? Please help us, Contact: A.I.D. Telephone (0034)626942427 - email:

Please donate towards a travel box
Urgent funds required for operations
buddy operation
harry operation

HELP US TO HELP THEM!!! - There are many stray, abused animals that come into our care with broken legs, dislocated hips and life threatening injuries. We help as many as we can but we are limited due to the tremendous vet bill every single month of the year. We need donations to pay for these operations. If you wish to contribute in different ways direct debits and more so that we can carry on with our work please click here or simply use this Paypal button for a Donation

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If you find a dog, do not automatically phone a charity... Read more

DOG POUNDS/CENTRES/CHARITIES - List of addresses, phone numbers and websites... Read more.
ANIMAL PROTECTION LAWS IN ANDALUCIA - Summary of the current Andalucian Law of... Read more.
GENERAL RULES FOR PET OWNERS IN SPAIN - All domestic pets in Spain must be... Read more.
LAWS ON DANGEROUS ANIMALS - Any person owning a potentially dangerous dog in Spain ... Read more.
TAKING ANIMALS TO ANOTHER COUNTRY - How to bring your pet dog or cat into or back into... Read more.

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As from 1.01.2017 Our News Items can only be seen via this link click here



I am going to be soooo sad soon. My Ozzy, which I have had since September 2015 as a young pup, is now adopted and he will be going to Belgium in the next month or so. It's going to be hard to leg go for both of more

  fostering pups


This is what fostering pups is all about. Keeping them warm and safe until a forever home is found. The front 3 Xanti, Xander, Xenia are adopted. They were found at a few days old and fed puppy milk day...see more

diego and KC


Very happy today, Diego the dark pup and KC the brown one, went to their new homes in Holland
They were fostered by Peter Maters & Simone Jaspers, which you can see in the photo with the more



This is Calypso (black dog). He was left behind when his sister Canela (Brindle dog) was adopted last June and went to Holland to Irma Tigchelaar-Melsert. Calypso was very sad at the time more



Our lovely CANDY is 17 months old and is still looking for her forever home. Sadly last week she was playing with the pack and came in with a nasty cut on her knee. It turns out she has either cut or damaged a tendon nerve? and can more



This is Bibi.`Peter Maters took her from Tienda Animal in Malaga, when she was a pup (see 1st photo) it turns out that the shop actually takes in rescued animals and puts them up for adoption in more

3 x 5 day old pups in the rubbish bin


Follow up from my post of 27.10.2016t. about the 3 Waterdogs new born found by the rubbish bins. Well guess what? We had a call 1 hour ago from a Guardia Civil...see more



He appeared at Lorna Barford's home hungry and with a bad eye. She has taken him to the vet and is now on tablets until and eye specialist takes a look on Thursday and decides if it's just a bad eye infection or something else more

long term dogs


Some of the long term dogs in my home and also some of the ones looking for new families. First pic left to right, Merlin, George, Pipa, Eddie, Beulah, Ozzy, Julio, Lola & Maika...see more

  3 waterdogs abandoned


These pups are now with us at Animals In Distress, we took them in tonight. My foster home is already bottle feeding 3, which are now about 2.5 weeks old and we decided to also take these 3. They are about one week old bless them. A big thank you to Laura Gibbinsfor taking the...see more

3 mastin coss pups abandoned


These 3 pups are with my foster homer Simone Jaspers & Peter Maters and they are taking care of them until we can find them a home. They are part of a litter from a post that someone put on facebook regarding a mum and10 pups. Apparently the lady had 3, another lady had 4 and...see more

  teddy was abandoned


TOBY & TEDDY born15th August 2016. These two brothers were abandoned in a cardboard box and placed outside someone's gate. They are very handsome and very friendly pups and we think they are a Mastin cross so they should grow medium to large.(PHOTOS 17.10.2016)...see more



Just had another nice bit of news from dogs that we find forever homes. Before the lovely Mary Locked Burgess passed away, I took from her 3 pups that she wanted me to home, so I put them in my foster home and event...see more



More lovely news!!! Barby, Bobby and Betsy were part of a litter of 8 pups abandoned in a cupboard box. 5 were homed and eventually Barby was adopted and went to Scotland last March. But the unexpected happened, the family decided in the end that Bobby & Betsy should join their sister and they were adopted last August and...see more

rescue dog Gemm wins award


These 3 lovely little pups were all adopted a while back and I have just received this lovely photo and news from Gemma’s family in the UK. Makes this job so...see more

  melissa and bella


THIS IS MELISSA FEEDING BELLA. Her story was that she was the last of the litter and because the farmer could not give her away, he was going to kill her. She was taken away and bottle fed day & night b...see more

sponsor a dog


Help us with our long term animals

If you cannot adopt an animal, have you ever thought of sponsoring?
For some of our animals, finding a home is extremely hard. This can be because of the age, breed, or long term treatment that some stray/abandoned animals may need, more

  adopted dogs


Photo from last Wednesday at Nutripharma in Coin where I met new families Annie Daviesand others with my adopted dogs for rabies, chip etc. All came together on same day and nice to see how they are doing in their new life. On the right is Simone Jasperswith more



Well what's new? Yes you guessed, another abandoned pup.
KC was found in the countryside thin and starving hungry at 8 weeks of age and all alone. He is a sweet little pup and does not deserve this. His is now in our foster...reads more



WISP got adopted today and will live in Marbella. He was adopted by Chanel Mcavoy and her two daughters. Wisp will be joining a 1 year old Pomeranian that the family has. Very unexpected, the family also donated bags of food, more



SISSY is just 8 weeks old and she has been abandoned outside someone's house. What a start to life. Good job the people saw her. She is now under our care. If you can find it in your heart to give her a forever home...see more



I took PRINCE to Malaga airport this morning, and he flew to meet his new family in Holland. He was Escorted by Peter Maters and had been fostered by Annette Rosengren (both in the photo)...see more

5 pups to UK


Farewell to 5 rescued dogs today. They went to kennels for a couple of days, then they will go to their new families in the UK via Paws Transport Services (Thanks Diana...see more



LOLA is a female BELGIUM SHEPHERD MALINOIS/MALIBU. Only 1 year old and had been on a chain every day at the fruit market in Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga and fed when the man thought about it...see more

pony by the road sidde


MA3303 From Coin to Fuengirola, Malaga. Between Km1 and Km2 and just before the Silos.

Two days ago my wife asked me to call the police because she saw a pony between fencing...see more

  bill and ben rescued



95 animals homedd in 6 months

18 July 2016

Big smile on my face today We have homed 85 animals so far since January this year. Here are some of them. There's also 4 more going to Holland on the 22nd July and 5 more going to UK 3rd August ...see more

  3 pups in a bag


My foster home Peter Maters went to dump some rubbish at the containers by the Silos on the Coin to Fuengirola road just outside Coin and saw a Mercadona bag hanging from a tree next to the container...see more

dina (Scruffles)

9 July 2016

Scruffles is now 5 months old and has finally found a family to love her for ever. So please with this little one, she was fostered by Sally Seymour and was the last of a litter of three. One went...see more

  bongo & Monnette

14 July 2016

A better day today and to top it all, I went to Malaga airport this evening with 4 more lucky rescue pups, which were flying to Eindhoven, Holland. They were fostered by Jan and...see more

podencos make wondeful pets

1 July 2016

Do you want a dog that gives fun, excitement & loyalty?
Then you need a Podenco. These breed is often overlooked because it is associated with hunting yet they make a very good and loyal family pet. All these young Podencos in this photo are available for...see more


7 July 2016

I went to Malaga airport with Simone Jasperslast night and delivered the lovely Indy to the flight volunteers Myron Wouters & Danny Smetsers. They flew Indy to Amsterdam airport to meet his new family. Indy had been fostered by Sally Seymour(1st photo)...see more


27 June 2016

WHAT CAN I SAY?This is Blacky. A lady had been feeding him in the countryside for about three weeks and eventually she got him to the vets and found a chip. The people were contacted and they said that it was their mother’s dog, she had died, the family did not want him...see more


30 June 2016

You might have seen the post of this little Podenco girl, just 12 weeks old and being displayed in a pet shop window FREE. She has now been taken away from there and is with my foster home getting loads of love and cuddles. She and her 5 sisters were dumped in a rubbish container and they were rescued...see more


5 June 2016

UPDATE - The appeal on Fundrazr for 5000 euros for the construction of concrete bases and kennels in foster homes has only reached 590 euros plus we have had private donations to the amount of 160 making...see more


19 June 2016

Well folks, this is the bit I hate, I have had to put my 4 rescued doggies in kennels as the vet has to inspect them and do the TRACES paperwork then they will be...see more

silver - broken leg

17 may 2016

I keep saying, 'Sorry but cant take any more dogs' but how can I refuse something like this little boy was put in a stable by some Spanish people when he was about 5 weeks old and got kicked by the horse. The man to it to vet (very kind of him to do so) and the x-ray showed a broken leg...see more


29 May 2016

These two 5-week old kittens are looking for a home.
Mickey the Ginger one, was found in the rubbish container next to is brothers and sisters, which were all dead. Minney the Tabby was found under a car in a separate location. They are with my kitten foster home...see more

Jules & Django pass their test

8 May 2016

This is soooo nice to see. so proud of my two rescue dogs, passed their test. Nina (now Jules, left) & Django (right) both were adopted..see more

  guinness gypsy gemma

11 May 2016

OK folks, here we go again!!!
3 x 5 week old pups were found abandoned in the countryside, cold, wet and full of fleas. Photo is from today after they have been debugged etc. They...see more

marc was abandoned

27 April 2016

About 3 weeks ago, an English construction worker who temporarily works here found Marc one early morning. Upon leaving his caravan, where he is temporarily staying, he saw Marc sitting alone underneath. Four weeks old and already smart enough to sit next to the toolbox so that he could be found...see more




  fizzy - unwanted litter

30 April 2016

These 5-week old kittens were found in a house about 2 weeks ago. The mum was killed on the road. These are very sweet and in good health. Looking for forever homes... see more





tango was left for dead in a rubbish container

15 April 2016

Tango is a 6-month male pup. On examination he had a long wound from between...see more

  why do we charge an adoption fee?

21 April 2016

Your adoption donation covers worming, flea treatment, vaccinations, micro chipping, spaying/castrating, EU passport... see here

faya & Faith

11 April 2016

One of our foster homes went to the rubbish containers yesterday and as he drove close, two nasty looking characters got quickly in their car and went speeding off. When our foster home went to throw the rubbish in the container, he heard noises and found 2 puppies about 5 weeks old. By then too late to get number plate grrrrrr. I had already had two calls on Sunday about abandoned litters and had to say no because I have about 47 pups at the more

  henry was abandoned

12 April 2016

Henry is 8 years old. He followed a lady to her home and he was then taken into our care. We don't know what sort of life he has had but he had hard patches where he has been laying in hard ground and his gums were bleeding more

7 abandoned pups

26 March 2016

This is the second litter (7 this time) from a mother we have been trying to catch for a long time now. We got the pups two weeks ago and are in my foster home. Mum is friendlier everyday and hopefully she will be caught soon? The first four are girls and the last three are the boys (7 weeks old)...see more

  dead podenco

11 April 2016

We found this Podenco today just around the back of our house in the woods where hunters come with their guns and their Podencos in their trailers and set them loose to chase anything that moves. We checked for a chip but the body was too broken up and decomposed. This poor little soul could have more


chica abandoned

15 March 2016

This is Chica. A Podenco girl, found with a long chain attached to her neck. Looks like another victim of the all mighty hunters. She is very thin and needs feeding up. Considering what life she has had, she is quite friendly...see more

  reggie and ronnie abandoned pups

20 March 2016

This evening I collected 2 pups, that a lady found abandoned a few days ago in a country lane. Poor little souls. Ronnie & Reggie are only 4 weeks old. They are now in a cage in my living room as...see more

riley nina ella

9 March 2016

I went to the airport very early with dogs going to Holland and i have the flu bug pffffff.
So at last my two babies went to new homes Riley the brindle dog and Nina...see more

  eva and 3 pups abandoned

12 March 2016

Eva and her 3 pups were found in the countryside. She was very thin and the pups full of fleas. They are now in foster care, The pups are clean and healthy and she has put on weight...see more


2 March 2016

A friend of our foster homes found Marley on the dirt road with what he thought may be a broken leg, he asked at a couple of houses but no one knew...see more

  moli angel king gabriel

5 March 2016

I went to Malaga airport with Peter Maters last night and delivered 4 more doggies to our flight volunteers.
A farewell by foster homes Liz & Marietta with Moli...see more

AID second hand furniture warehouse

22 February 2016

WHY NOT VISIT THE A.I.D. SECOND HAND FURNITURE WAREHOUSE – Opened on the 22nd February 2016. The main purpose is to raise funds to help even more animals...see more

  joseph mary tiger & cookie

29 February

Cookie, Mary, Tiger & Joseph meet their new families.

Well here they are with their new families at Eindhoven airport in Holland. Unfortunately my cat Cookie had...see more

2 day old pup abandoned

14 February 2016

Left ouside somone's gate at 2 days old. Now with my foster mum and she says that the pup is taking the milk but early days, so fingers crossed. Black curly coat, could be Waterdog....see more

  3 abandoned pups

18 February 2016

These 3 lovely little pups, 10 weeks old, were brought into us by a friend. Apparently they were found by the rubbish containers in the Rio Grande. They seem to have a bit of Labrador in them?...see more

mousjka adopted UK

17 January 2016

The lovely Moushka arrived safe in the UK today. Great relief once they get there. Thanks to Sally Seymour for fostering her and thanks to her new mum Sian Donovan Leniston for adopting her. The last photo is Mushka with her foster mum shortly after we took in the pups.
This is Mushka's story:
Part of a litter of 1 male and 4 females - Since they were born they have been living in a shed in bad surroundings. The mum is a Mastin more

  laurel & hardy

2 February 2016

Two more abandoned pups.

A lady took her dogs out for a walk in the morning and found these two pups. Looks like they been out all night, even when they arrived to us they were very cold. They are now in one of my foster homes...see more.


9 January 2016

The 3 pups landed at Eindhoven last Thursday. Peter Maters my foster home flew them and they met their new families. Left to right Bella, Moli & Timmy. Peter (in the middle) had fallen in love with Timmy but you have to let them go. Bella has been with him and with Simone Jaspers since a few days old and Simone bottle fed her day and night. Another good result ...see more


15 January

The last of 3 pups (Jensen) has been caught. Let's hope we can catch the mum and sterlise. Next 2 photos are his brothers Jackson & Jody, which I posted earlier on. He is about 7 weeks old...see more


7 January 2016

I have been ill these last few days but my spirits are up. From mid October to yesterday have homed 24 animals, that works an average of 3 per week and 99% have all had a home check and have gone to lovely homes. Later today I will be taking another 3 dogs to Malaga airport (see pic) and I have 17 m...see more


8 January 2016

It really saddens me when people decide to leave Spain because of a financial situation, death in the family, no work etc. But what really gets me every time it’s the animals that are left behind. Why do some people take on so many rescues and then when it is time to more

Jan & Joe

17 December 2015

Some people say ‘Why do we charge an adoption fee rather than just give the animal for free, surely this is selling an animal?’ Well we have to recover some of the cost involved otherwise we would...see full story

  juanita part of 13 pups

1 January 2016

MORE PUPS LOOKING FOR GOOD HOMES - Litter of 13 pups from 2 mums that are small to medium and very friendly and will be sterilsed soon to stop further unwanted litters. The mums seem to be a Shar pei cross (see last two photos) We don’t know who the...see them all

pregnant mum

29 November 2015

Had a call the other day to take some pups in that were only 2-3 days old but simply could not take them as we had a pregnant mum due in in a bad condition.
Roughly this is the story...see more

  AID donated 200kg of dog foor to tika art

9 December 2015

Met up with Tika Art this afternoon and I donated 200 kg of dog food to her as she has so many stray dogs to feed with not much income. It is not just charities like ours that save animals, there are lots of individuals out there doing what they can and when they can, some are on a pension and have... read more

jodi was abandoned

11 November 2015

This 2.5 year old little darling was abandoned and was found just over one ago. She was very dirty and full of leas. She was washed and a few days agfo she was groomed and we found out then she was a Silver Yorkie. She walks on the leash, very friendly...see more





23 November 2015

A Gipsy came to our shop this morning with a little male dog and the girls told him they could not take it and to come back tomorrow when Jan would be there. The dog was panting a lot so the girls went and got a bowl of water and the...see more

4 abandoned pups

7 November 2015

This is now getting silly, 4 pups dumped outside a gate, followed by 4 more outside the same gate the following date. Here are the first four, 2 girls and 2 boys and in that order. Only 4 weeks old. Looks like small breed. ...see more




  8 abandoned pups

9 November 2015

These are the other 4 pups that were dumped outside the mans gate, just like the previous 4. two 2 boys & two girls. Now with my foster home Sally Seymour. Whisper, Willow, Walter, Wilber...see more




sam had to loose his leg

17. October 2015

This Bodeguero (Sam) was found not far from a heavily wooded area simply lying by the side of the road, not moving when traffic went past. The front left leg was missing from just above the wrist, the only thing remaining was tissue and broken bone, looking at the way the leg was severed it looked like he had been caught in an trap, The lady that found him came to us for help and Sam was taken to the vet. There was no way that the leg could be saved as he had no foot...see more

  timmy abandoned in the road

3 November 2015

What a misty and wet morning and what a start on our usual long days!!!
I had just finished sorting out all our dogs at home this morning and left to deliver a sofa chair and 100 kg of dog food to Angela Allsop to help her with the stray dogs she rescues, when my wife Jan called me to say that she was on the... read more


Three 1 week old pups abandoned

13 October 2015

These 3 pups were brought into our charity shop yesterday by the Guardia Civil. First one is a girl (FANTA). Second one a boy (FLIP). Third one a boy (FLOP) About 1 week old and have to be bottle fed every few hours day and night by foster home Simone... see more

  staffy abandoned

13 October 2015

Went to a local restaurant and saw this lovely girl, very friendly and very thin. Had a line all round her neck with hair missing where she had probably been tied...see more

donated food to Paul

5 October 2015

Today was the first time I have seen Paul Dunt in ages. I heard he had an opperation and did not realise what he had been through. Some people take so many things for granted and you never know when something is going to more



  abandoned labrador cross pups

6 October 2015

Had an emergency and had two take 2 pups in, which I was not going to due to a change in circumstances. Poor little things have ring worm at the moment and has made the from of heir rear paws hairless. The black one is a boy and the brown one a girl...see more

abandoned Datchund

19 September 2015

This Datchund (no chip) was being fed by a lady for several days in a cul-de-sac. Looks like she has had a few litters and has a bit of skin problem? At present, we are... see more

  6 unwanted pups

22 September 2015

We were contacted a few weeks ago and we promised to take in these pups when they were old enough and they arrived yesterday. They were from a mum that was found abandoned and very pregnant. The mum has now been sterilised...more photos & information

9 abandoned pups

30 August 2015

This time 9 puppies from the countryside. 3 females and 6 males. They are now with one of our foster homes. They are 5 weeks old and will be medium-large size. If and when the mum is caught, we will sterilize her because this is her second litter that we are...see photos

  frodo injured

15 September 2015

This is FRODO. A 5-month old Waterdog cross that was abandoned at the local vet. The skin all around his body was torn and the vet reckoned that someone had put one of those spiked metal training collars around his body and kept him tied up like that. The hair around his neck...see more

chained for 3 years

14 Agust 2015

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!! A caring Spanish couple approached us about Sultan. He is Chow Chow, 5 years old and has been in a chicken run chained for 3 years. The owner only comes to feed him table scraps every 2-3 days and changes the water when he remembers. We persuaded the owner to let us take him for a groom but because his coat was so bad...see videos

  3 abandoned chihuhauas

17 August 2015

3 little Chihuahuas found about 3 weeks ago in an open cardboard box by the rubbish containers. They are now approx 7 weeks old. They are now safe at our home but will have to be moved on to a foster home as we are very full and we are hoping that our friends will find some room? more


4 August 2015

Another little soul abandoned and being abused by children. It is now under our care in our house. We have named him Maurice and he is about 12 weeks old... see here


5 August 2015

This little girl was found in the gipsy quarter full of fleas and ticks. She is now also in our home and playing with or other pups. We have named her CHULA. She is 10 weeks old... see here

6 mastin pups abandoned

14 July 2015

Oh dear, what a week!!! yet more pups at home. These 6 Mastins pups of about 8 weeks old came today into our care at last. They came via another association that mainly rescues cats. They have been in contact with me several times and after several ...see more


18 July 2015

And so it goes on on and on and on and onnnnnnnn pfffff.
2 more abandoned pups. Come on folks lets have a couple of nice names for these 6-week old sisters. Need to have the same initials for both e.g. Flo & Flora and so on one for the smooth coat and one...see more

4 abandoned pups

3 July 2015

Stray mum had crawled under a fence and made a nest on the earth and had 1 boy and 3 girls in someone's land on the 30.05.2015. Friendly pups, which should be medium-large size. They are now under our care and will fly to new homes at about 15 weeks old once all vaccs etc have been more

  12 day old abandoned pup

8 July 2015

A lady found this pup in the road and took it to the vet and got a packet of milk and as she came out, she saw my wife locking up the shop and the story starts more


9 June 2015

Had a phone call yesterday from a friend about a Belgium Shepherd type dog (now called Angela) that was outside her gate more or less starving and in a sad way. We went to see it and all you could feel under ...see video

  starving tito

12 June 2015

I know it never ends but this week it's getting ridiculous. Yet another little soul. This Podenco puppy of about 10 weeks old (now called Tito) was found starving near the rubbish bins. Not wild, simply scared and has signs of...see more

marina and 3 pups rescued

20 May 2015

Marina and her three 7-week old girls were walking along the side of a busy road. Marina was limping badly so we took her to the vet only to find out that it is an old injury. Her front paw is crushed or badly broken and the same further up her leg. How much she must have suffered, poor little thing and on top of all done , getting pregnant. more

  carlops & cally

6 June2015

Carlos & Cally were abandoned by the side of rubbish containers. Some people have no heart!!!...see more photos

abandoned donkey

1 May 2015

few days ago we had a complaint about a donkey in bad condition, normally we don't get to involved and would pass this on to CYD Santa Maria horse rescue, but we new this donkey from previously where we had warned the...see more

  5 abandoned kittens

9 May 2015

5 x 5-week old stry kittens now under A.I.D. care and kindly fostered by Jackie Muscroft. They will soon be going to new homes once all vaccs etc are completed...see more

4 abandoned pups

27 April

4 more pups found in the countryside at 4 weeks old. They are now with one of my foster homes. They are all reserved now and will go to their new homes at 15 weeks old when they would have had all their vaccs, chip. It never ends does it?
Jemma, Jenny, Jessie & Jinny..see photos

  rescued dog

28 April 2015

This is Nobby, he appeared outside Finca Rincon ut one week ago full of ticks and dirty. We were contacted via Jackie Mushcroft to see if we could help Mandy. We are very full but more

4 more doggies going to forever homes

17 April 2015

Four more of our doggies on their way to Malaga airport where they will be escorted to meet their new families in The Netherlans. Macho, Wiston, Mossie and Solome. Long happy life to all. Tomorrow morning at 08.15 ...see more

  tony - abandoned pup

21 April 2015

This puppy appeared at Adrian Brown's house in Alozania but he is going to UK soon so I met him this evening and took the pup home with me. I am quite full at the moment, but what can I say? and this one is only 6 weeks so he will have to be separate from...see more


14 April 2015

Here I am with TARA the Labrador and Ellen her new mum. Tara was kindly fostered by Ann Holloway. In the boxes were also YOEL the Black/White) pup and ABBY the Brown Terrier fostered by Simone Jaspers. We had three different associations phone as about helping TARA, which was in El Paraiso dog pound and we took her out the day before she was due to be put to sleep in early March and she had a temperature and an infection in a wound. Now here she is on her way...see more

  donation of food

16 April 2015

Today I delivered 120 Kg of puppy and Adult biscuits to Paula Young, she is fostering dogs for us (A.I.D.) and also looks after stray dogs that she has found or that people have contacted her about. At the moment...see more

7 rescued Mastin pups

6 April 2015

had a call on Sunday 5th April about 5 Mastins pups, which were in a drain pipe but only 3 were around at the time. Looks like there were abandoned and no sign of mum? When we got there there was 5. The following day our friends also had a call about two more pups not far from that area and they are now together (bottom right hand side) so all 7 are now safe...see photos


10 April 2015

3 more pups came into our care and are now in foster homes. PADDY and 8 week old black Waterdog cross found abandoned by a lady and taken to the vet but no chip. TUIE a 17 week old Pointer cross wandering lost in the countryside and very thin. ROONY a 12 week old Labrador cross, which was originally found at 8 weeks old with burns on his back and now is starting to heal...see more

donation of food to alex

26 March 2015

This afternoon I met Jo Stonley and loaded her with 200Kg of dog food, which A.I.D. has donated and Jo is kindly taking it to Alex Huber. That's 8 bags of 20Kg of adult & 2 x 20Kg of puppy as I have been more


30 March 2015

Thi is Smokey. Born around 23 February. Found under a bush and then brought into our shop Our fosdter home has been bottle feeding him and we thank her for her total dedication. He is now 5 weeks old and ready to go on our website. He will soon start his kitty vaccs, chip and rabies vaccs then he can go to a new home...see photos here

kennel base

7 March 2015

This is the base that we are putting down at Paula Young's home and for which we are paying. Total cost 480 euros. First photo is of the concrete over the mesh, 2nd photo is the path to the concrete base and 3rd photo is is the drainage. The kennels ..see more


9 March 2015

WAS DUE TO BE KILLED IN 24HRS We do not usually rescue dogs from the dog pound as we mainly concentrate on the abused/abandoned dogs in the streets or countryside, but we have been contacted by three different rescue connected people asking if more

5 male pups rescued

1 March 2015

5 pups in drain pipe - It was supposed to have been a quiet afternoon and we were going down the coast to have an early evening meal with friends that had arrived from the Uk and they were going back today. Well had a call from our foster home to say she saw two tiny pups on top off a ...see more

  lyons club donation

2 March 2015

We built another new pen the other day for the pups 2m x 4m as we always have so many abandoned pups but funds are short so we were having to pay for it ourselves and then hopefully get it out of the charity a bit at a time, the cost was about 600-650 euros with the roof to follow. Meanwhile a few days ago I had a conversation with Carol McClusky as she wanted to know of any ...see more

caterpillar damage

22 February 2015

Had to take one of our 11 week old pups to hospital yesterday afternoon during emergency hours, both sides of mouth swollen, saliva all around her mouth, could hardly breathe, purple tongue way back in the mouth, by the time I got to the vet there was a...see more

  donating food

27 February 2015

Did a few trips today giving dog food to people that have far too many animals to look after and or low income and could do with a bit of help, included were:
200Kg to Angie( with cap on), she has 60 dogs.
200kg to Tika(photo with 2 dogs) and she has about 40 dogs.
200Kg collected by Paul Duntdirectly from the shop.
There are lots of people trying to do their best for the animals, but it's never ending...see more

6 rescued Mastin pups

10 February 2015

Rescued pups - This is a long on going story but basically there are 2 - 3 Mastin mums and a dad (Mastin/Shepherd) running around free. We saved 2 litters of 5 and 7 and managed to home all of them. One mum was caught and sterilised but another has had a litter of 6 shown here...see more

  mum and 6 pups

18 February 2015

Mum and 6 pups found under a convrete staircase in Malaga. The place was fillthy and full of rubbish. They are now in foster care until suitable homes can be found once they are older... see more

jade & sol adopted

1 February 2015

Sol & Jade, brother and sister were born in June 2012. Our foster home had been looking after them as pups and for nearly two years; this is because they had Leishmaniasis. Sadly our foster home could not stay in Spain any longer and Sol & Luna were put in our friends kennels as there was nowhere else for them to go. They have never been inside the house but obviously the kennels are not quite the same as a foster home. After months and months of treatmen, they came up negative Leishmaniasis. A couple of months back a Spanish ...see more

  Monda rescued in time

3 February

Monda is 12 weeks old. She was found very distressed amonst loads of rubbish, She had her head stuck in a plastic olive container. Our friend Paula found her just in time. She is now reserved an will be flying in a few weeks to her forever home... see more




6 abandoned pups

16 January 2015

A lady has been feeding for weeks a small mum and six pups in the large Alhaurin el Grande car park in the old town. The pups are starting to come to her so yesterday she called us at lunch time and we went to meet her. Took ..see more

  2  x 24hr pups abandoned

19 January 2015

2 Little boys found in a bag with some shoes and jumpers. How can be people be that cruel? They are now in my foster home and having puppy milk at short intervals day and night. Let's hope they make it? see more

4 sharpei boxer pups

31 December 2014

Part of a litter of 6 pups. Mum is a Boxer/Sharpei cross and dad a Mastin. Pups have been rescued and mum sterilised. Here they are, Ivor, Izzy, Indy & Isaac. Now 5.5 weeks old (all reserved) but have to wait another 10 weeks before they go to their forever homes...see more

  joe is 65 today

13 January 2015

Joe is 65 today and officially retired. Really? I don't think so :)


13 December 2014

These 6 pups were abandoned by the rubbish bins. We managed to take these but cant take any more for a while. Such a sad situation out here :( see pics




3 abandoned pups

17 December 2014

Someone found these 8 week old pups in a ditch. They are under our care now. I said I could not take in any more but look at them, those looks says it all


AID Charity Shop

6 December 2014

Visit the Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) Charity shop in Alhaurin el Grande for great Christmas gifts.

Every time you buy an item you are helping the animals that are under our care. Contact: Telephone (0034)626942427

You can also help the animals this Christmas by buying on line via our links from Ebay and Zooplus. Click here




12 December 2014

Our friends just took in 17 pups. They belonged to 3 mums that another rescue took but could not take the pups due to Parvo in their shelter. On the same day we have also also taken in 1 Podenco female pup 10 weeks old and 3 brothers 6 weeks old found abandoned. It never ends. Thse are photos of the 4 that we have... more pics here




14 November 2014

Roaming the streets lost. Most probaly abandoned by owners. Very friendly, walks on the lead but not house trained yet, so we are working on that see more





14 November 2014

Fifi was found abandoned. She has gone into foster care by the person that found her and then she fell of their spiral staircase and broke her leg. Shuch bad luck for this ovely friendly pup. The vet bill came to 434 euros, which is a big lump out of our charity funds, so we ask for your help please. To donate please click here and mention Fifi

13 year old abandoned dog

26 October 2014

This female dog was found collapsed outside someone’s villa, her coat was full of all sorts of Parasites, her nails were very long and she was hardly moving. We took her to our local vet for a close examination and her coat had to be completely shaved off...see photos & full story


7 November 2014

Photo of Franko, one of two pups found starving several weeks ago, full of fleas and in very bad condition. We took him home and after lots of care and worry here he is now photos from 6th November. What a difference...see more

dog with hole in the head

6 October 2014

My wife Jan had a phone call this morning from Tamsin Rowles  about a female dog that she had seen with what looked like a hole in the head. I got there as soon as I could an on arrival I saw that...see more

  5 abandoned pups

10 October 2014

5 Mastin/Shepherd cross pups living in the wild and rescued by neighbours near one of our foster homes. They have now been taken to us and we will look after them in our home. They will be ready to travel once they have been wormed, vacinated inc rabies and micro chip. They will be large size...see photos

olympia &orlando

1 October 2014

Orlando & Olympia . Born 20 June 2014. This brother & sister were found abandoned on top of a bridge and were rescued before they could fall on the road below. They are a German Shepherd cross and very friendly. Now safe with us and hopefully will be adopted soon... see photos

  franko & franz

4 October 2014

Franko & Franz are 2 brothers about 6 weeks old. They had been found and taken to the lovacal vet. The vet phoned us and we took them in. These two pups have several parts of bare sking due to bad living conditions and flea dirt and have a mark around their neck as thought...see photos


20 September 2014

Dog attacked by other dogs Yet another casualty. This is Jango and he has just come out of hospital yesterday. He was attacked by other dogs and has bites all over his body. He is...see more


21 September 2014

Dog thrown out of a car. This is the Waterdog that was thrown out of a car the other day by 4 men in it. Apparently when the lady that saw it started shouting at the men they threw... see more


14 September 2014

These are the 5 pups that our foster home took away from children at La Trocha shopping center yesterday. Seems to be like this every Sunday. I am pushing my foster homes to take extra dogs. Running out of options lately 3 boys, Victor, Vernan, Vinnie and 2 girls Violet & Vera (6 weeks old) see photos


16 September 2014

I have taken in two more pups today. Born 1 August 2014. Ebonisa and her brother Elton are from a stray Mastin mum that lives in a field. A lady has been feeding the mum for about 3 years but still cant get near her. These are very cute pups and should grow to be large? see photos


6 September

The other day a lady came to our shop crying and told my wife Janice that a pup was dying on the forest road outside Alhaurin el Grande. Jan rushed up there with the lady and on arrival she thought the pups was dead...see more


8 September 2014

Jan brought home another abandoned pup today . Had her checked out at the vet and no apparent illnesses, but with a skin problem, bloated tummy and ribs showing Poor little thing...see more

the arrival

14 August 2014

8 COUNTRIES IN 8 DAYS Bike ride to raise much needed funds for A.I.D.
Today Jan & Phil Lee arrived after 8 exhausting but interesting days across Europe. read more and see video


pig in trouble

23 August 2014

I had a call at 1.45pm today from my neighbour who lives high up on the mountain and said she saw pig swimming in a large water tank similar to a swimming pool and the pig photos and story here


25 July 2014

These two pups (Baggins & Bilbo), which are about 8 weeks old were put in a dirty bird cage and then dumped inside a rubbish container opposite Mercadona supermaket in Alhaurin el Grande, Malaga. They are now in foster care see pics


1 August 2014

These 8 pups (4 boys and 4 girls) now older, were left near the rubbish containers. These are very similar to pups we have found 6 months earlier. Looks like a farmer is getting rid of the litters once the mum has finished weaning them see photos

busking for AID

18 July 2014

A BIG THANK YOU to Bryony Maunder. These lovely people in the photo Busked in their local town in the UK and raised £178.55 for our charity in Spain Animals In Distress (A.I.D) read our newsletter

  abandoned dog

23 July 2014

Take a look at what someone brought into our charity shop today. Claws are a sure sign of Leishmaniasis and look at the coat. This female is in a real bad condition. read more


18 July

Vicky was found starving and very ill. The lady that found her could not keep as she afraid her children or dogs might catch something bad. My wife and I are now taking care of her. She has come out of hospital after 4 days of being on a drip and medicine. We first thought she had a bad case of enteritis but it turns out that she had an infection in her intestines more


7 July 2014

More and more abandoned pups each week. Today I felt really sad as I went to see two abandoned pups that a kind lady is going to look after until we can find them a home. Both 8 weeks old. One is a cream Mastin girl (Bonnie) the other is a brown Mastin cross boy (Clyde) He has a deformed leg. The leg seems to have two bones running down the more

lima & luka

4 July

Lima & Luka were found abandoned in the street. They are small Chihuahua cross and they are in one of our foster homes click here for more

  6 abandoned pups

4 July 2014

On Sat evening (9pm) my husband and I were passing by the bins on the Cartama/Coin rd, opposite Venta Las Cabales, when the car in front of us more

9 abandoned pups

1 July 2014

Pups born 21st May 2014 - Bodeguero female was found abandoned and pregnant and now her lovely pups will be 4 weeks old on the 21st June. Click to see photos

  3 chihuahuas

3 July 2014

Wowwww!!! what a year for abandoned pups. Born 15 May 2014 - These 3 pups (2 girls & 1 boy) were abandoned by some rubbish containers. They are very small breed (Chihuahua) - Tye (right) the male and Tilly & Tina both femalesing with see more

blind chiuaua

15 June 2014

5 pups rescued from a breeder. While I was liasing with Arca Noah and  Tony Rush about the mum and 9 pups in the drain pain, my wife had arranged to take some dogs away from a breeder. 5 little ones were rescued from a live of misery...more photos and info

  Jan & rescued dogs

29 June 2014

ABOUT Animals In Distress (A.I.D.)
My wife and I came over to Costa del Sol in 1998 and moved inland to Coin in 2002. After a while we got involved with helping some charities here in Spain. We were already... more photos & information

joe & julio

8 June 2014

These are the 3 surviving pups from the Mastin Mum (Justice) that had 5 pups in the dog pound. We rscued her and put her in our foster home. Sadly some of the pups did not do well and only 3 have more



  3 abandoned pups

11 June 2014

This is the second lots of puppies that were taken to our shop today. Luckily Jan was there. They were found by the bins opp Posh Pets in Alhaurin el Grande and filthy dirty Here they are having a bath at Arca Noah our friends....see photos



4 June 2014

This lovely boy (Alex) was thrown in someone's shop door way. We have him in our care at Animals in Distress He now has enquiries and will soon be adopted...see more




7 June 2014

UPDATE ON RIVERBED PUPS (30th May post): These three pups are the survivors of a litter of 8 that were found in the riverbed inside a bag. These three are now more




2 June 2014

These two Siamese x are just 3-4 weeks old and all alone in the world, they are brought in very bad etate after spending a week in the hospital. They ae now in foster care. They do well after full recovery and.. read more




3 June 2014

This female kitten (Fluffly) was running around loose on the street opposite out charity shop and cars nearly run her over. So many enquiries that it will be... read more



6 abandoned pups

31 May 2014

It is now nearly 10pm and we have just finished another rescue. Some one phoned us because they found a sack on a river bed with 8 pups inside. 2 were dead already so we have been trying read more plus photos and video


2 June 2014

This is Justice. She was at the local dog pound along with another male called Brutus and she had a litter of 5 pups while she was in there. Unfortunatelly one... read more


4 May 2014

We had a call about a mum and two pups on the highway and possibly getting run over. As we could not go at the time, we called our friends at SOS to try to catch them and when they got there the mum and one pup run away but they managed to get Foxy. We have now collected read more...



9 May 2014

This Mastin (now called Macho) was brought to everyone's attention two days ago. He is starving and people have been feeding it. The local bar owner called the police and the dog went.. read more


22 April 2014

Peludo had been seen in the street for two days looking for food and lost. He is a very friendly dog that wants to be with you all the time. A beautiful puppy



  3 abandoned pups

24 April 2014

These poor little pups are now safe with us. The mum gave birth in the field next door to the lady that called us. We are hoping to catch the mum sooner or later and sterilise her. The pups will come indoors soon to socialise them as two of them are a little bit nervous


7 abandoned pups

7 April 2014

7 more pups looking for forever homes (5 boys & 2 girls) It never ends!!! They have been wormed and next week the will be having their 1st puppy vaccination. As soon as they are up to date and old enough they will be ready to travel to their new homes. Bamba, Bomba, Bill, Ben, Bongo, Bronco, Bruno see video


  carlito & christian

8 April 2014

These are Carlito and Christian. These 2 pups are about 6-7 week old and were abandoned this morning at our local vet. They left them in a box under the security camera 'crafty people'. The pups were covered in fleas and ticks all over their body. Read more...

6 pups

24 March 2014

8 pups abandoned in the countryside. The person that found them manged to home 2 and we took in the other 6. They are only 5 weeks old. 3 boys and 3 girls



  my lady

3 April 2014

This lovely s mall female was found abandoned. She was chasing and looking to get into cars so we think she was thrown out of a car. When she was found read more...


22 March 2014

This lovely large pup had been abandoned outside our charity shop. He is very affectinoate and now in safe hands until a forever home is found



21 March 2014

Part of a litter of 4 pups put in a plastic bag and left by the bins. The lady that found then gave two away and we now have the other two with one of our foster homes being bottle fed

6 abandoned pups

16 February 2014

These 6 pups were found and taken to us to see if we could help? They are now being looked after by our friends until we can find them a forever home. There are 3 boys and 3 girls


20 March 2014

This little German Shepherd cross was part of a litter of two pups. The woman that found them kept one and needed a home for the other, which she dropped off to us, only to find out a few minutes later that the pup was not well. This poor little thing had a bite on his throat. We took it to the vets and after two days on a drip has now a clean bill of health and is being looked after by our friends at Arca

5 abandoned pups

15 January 2014

Apparently two men got out of a van with a cupboard box and were going to put it in a rubbish container but when they saw someone coming, they tossed it and missed... read and see more


10 February 2014

This is a video of Johnny, which I did today. I posted about Johnny previously on facebook with basic information, but here is his full story.  A young couple picked Johnny up from the road side & full story


1 January 2014

This is Debbie. We ha d a call about a dog that had been run over on Sunday 22nd December and we told the people to take her to our vet for x-ray. Debbie had a bad brake on her rear leg. You can just about see it where it is, close to her more

  mum and 7 pups

11 January 2014

This pregnant dog was thrown over a wall. She is now in foster care and and had 7 healthy puppies on the 10th January 2014. She is so loving, how... read more

5 abandoned pups

19 December 2013

These 5 pups were abanndoned at the local shopping mall before all the market stalls started to set up. They are only 5 weeks old and were very cold so we took them more


24 December 2013

A few days ago we had a call from friends about a mum and pups in a very bad condition. A torn bag was near them. We guess that the puppies must have been in the heavy duty plastic bag. It was tied to a stone outside a villa and across... read more

abby and amy

6 December 2013

Amy and Abby have been taken away from a Spanish man who was not looking after the mum very well and were living in very bad coditions. The mum will soon be sterilised...see more


17 December 2013

This female dog (Blanca) has been on a short chain 24hrs a day 24/7 and is starving. She has been taken away from a Spanish farmer and persuaded him to give up ownership. Then dog is more

5 pups  la trocha

10 November 2013

5 pups taken away from people at a shopping centre. First 3 are 5-6 weeks old. The last two are 4-5 weeks old. Some of the children were walking around holding the pups by their ears...see photos

  A.I.D. donates more food

17 November 2013

This is one of many people that we help (no names) that has fallen on hard times and has been without work for ages. We supply more

jan collecting 7 of the 30 rescue cats

22 October 2013

This is Jan loading boxes and then collecting 7 out of 30 homeless cats, then she will meet the transport that is taking the cats to the uk, THIS IS THE STORY!!!. A lady called Louise came into our Charity Shop and more


26 October 2013

When I was on my way back from the coast this morning I had a phone call. A man had seen a starving little Podenco girl for about 3 days with a puppy half hanging out from her rear. He tried to catch her more

jan very tired

10 October 2013

If you want to know what 100% committed to animal work is then take a look at my wife Jan. She had been at our charity shop this morning due to lack of volunteers, then running around placing dogs, then collecting goods for selling at the charity shop...see more

  joe at malaga airport with 9 rescue dogs

15 October 2013

Here I am 7.30am at Malaga Airport with Christel from Arca Noah who will be escorting 9 dogs to their new owners. Some from us at A.I.D. and some from Arca Noah España.They will be met at the other end...see more

Wendy with Elena and Kate with Leroy

28 September 2013

Went to the vet at lunchtime with Wendy she is fostering Elena the black and whitre dog and with Kate who has Leroy the wirehaired Podencoj. They had their pre travel health check...see more



7 October 2013

This is HOPE. We are sad to report that her little body could not take anymore..see more


23 September 2013

Had a call from a lady in Alhaurin el Grande about a Mastin that was collapsed on the side of the road. Told her to take it to the vet and we would meet her there. When we arrived we realized that the dog was very thin and starving, full of fleas and was passing blood read more...


23 September 2013

Today someone left a dog at someone’s gate. It was a Bodeguero female and very pregnant. In fact we thought she was ready to give birth. We took her to the vets to examine her and we left her there. At 8.45 pm the vet phoned us and said that read more...


19 September 2013

We finally sent Harvey and another dog from Arca Noah Españato their forever home this morning. This is Claudia and me at Malaga airport this morning. Claudia kindly volunteers to escort dogs back to the Netherlans for Arca Noah España when she is in Spain. Poor Harvey is a bit sleepy from the travelling tables we gave him!!! we advertised him at 4 months of age. He is now 9 months old. See him here


19 September 2013

A few months ago we posted photos of Ben, (a dog we rescued in 2012) he was doing cross country running with his new owner in Belgium. Since then he has been doing very well and we just got this email and photo today `BEN is champion in belgium and is going now to EU champion canicross in Switzerland!!! he was in the news papers!
`Click this link to see Ben when we first had him


8 September 2013

8 mastin pups 6-8 weeks old have been abandoned in a farm in Alora. We can only assume they have been thrown over. All are healthy at the moment. Now the task of looking after them and getting their vaccinations done etc starts until we and our network partner can find them a home !!!

  mum 8 pups

9 September 2013

Small mum with 8 pups born yesterday have been found abandoned. It never ends




16 August 2013

These two pups Flossy & Frankie were abandoned in the street. Some people can be soooo heartless. I expect these same people go to church every Sunday as good catholic persons or some other religion do... More photos & information



28 August 2013

China and her last pup (Monica) finally flew to their forever home. THE STORY: China and her 5 pups had taken refuge in an empty house. By the time we were told about it there was only 4 pups of about 3-4 weeks. She was gentle and trusting with us when we handled her pups and has the makings of a good and more


9 August 2013

Cookie was no longer wanted and was given to a neighbour. After some time Cookie was lost and when we found her the people did not want her either. Poor little Cookie was homeless again. This is a small dog, very quiet, full of love, she will sit with you and follow you everywhere...see more


12 August 2013

Here are 4 more pups abandoned. 2 boys Tombo and Turbo and and two girls Tonka and Tootsie. Usual thing, once they are of age 5- 7 weeks they are taken away from the mom and thrown out onto the streets or  put alive in rubbish... more photos & information


9 August 2013

AugMable and Mac have been taken away from a bad situation as there was no food and the mums milk had dried up. The pups have been wormed and deflead and are now normal healthy puppies.. see photos


  rokky and rokko

7 August 2013

2 pups abandoned - Rokky and Rokko were abandoned ouside someone's house. They could be a Shepherd cross but cant tell yet as they are only young pups at the moment... see more


4 rescue dogs flying from malaga airport

4 August

4 Rescue Dogs going to forever homes - This morning Sinead (our foster home) and me went to Malaga airport with 3 of our dogs at (A.I.D) and 1 from Arca Noah. They are on their way to... See more.


fudge rescued from the streets

3 August 2013

FUDGE was found lost a few weeks ago, probably thrown out of a car in the local village. He is now being fostered by the kind people that found him until we can find him a forevere home. Fudge is very loving, effectionate, playful, obedient, likes walks on or off lead and will come when called... See the video and photos in my website


25 July 2013

Yet another discarded pup. Had a phone call for help yesterday to see if we could take in a pup. A car in Coin drove along the lane between La Trocha and the BP garage, opened the door and this little pup was thrown ou..t. See more


15 July 2013

A mum and 5 pups were found inside the rubbish container when we had a close look the mum and two pus were dead, we saved Badger, Bonnie and Bertie. They are now in foster care and doing well...see photos


Saxon -Stella - Sammy

14 July 2013

Stella, Sammy and Saxon are 3 pups that were found inside a sealed sack and left under the rubbish containers to die. These are lovely puppies and now under our care and in good health...see photos

  injured german shepherd

14 July

Had a phone call this Sunday morning about this female German Shepherd. She was found on Saturday night on the side of the road and the person kept her in his car during the night. She went to our vet this morning and was put on a drip. She... see more


3 July 2013

Dinna and brother Danny were in the middle of the road and a car hit Dinna and she will now have to loose her tail and she also had a slight fracture on her leg but she is now ok. These are very friendly and lovable pups...see more here



  4 podenco pups

12 July 2013

This 8-week old pups were found abandoned with no mum or dad and they are now at our house. They are very frightened but getting better everyday. We are looking for local volunteer foster homes for them as well as others. Please note that we more


20 June 2013

Stella was tied up to a tree without food and probably water. We do not know how long but due to her condition it must have been for a long time. People found her and brought to the veterinary clinic. She could not stand up so weak she was...see more


1 July 2013

Gloria had been abandoned a long time. Her coat was very bad and the vet shaved it all off. She had a very tight rope cutting into her neck. Gloria is now learning to trust people and will be a nice dog for an older person and needs a secure and quiet lif...see more here


9 June 2013

Pepito had been taken to the local dog pound after a German Shepher had a fight with him and ripped his skin very badly. The dog pound stiched him up temporarily and he was rescued form there by kind lady and then our vet did his skin properly...see more


18 June 2013

Sleepy Sleepy is nearly 3 years old and he has had about three different homes. The last one he was not cared for very much and the owner was pesuaded to give him up. Above are photos of before and after!!!... see more

china and her pups

26 May 2013

China and her 5 pups had taken refuge in an empty house. By the time we were told about it there was only 4 pups of about 3-4 weeks. She was gentle and trusting with us when we handled her pups and has the makings of a good dog. Click here to see photos and video when she was rescued


9 June 2013

Busy week and lots of joy with dogs going to new homes this week. This morning 7.00am I was at the airport with Arca Noah with 4 dogs. Tomorrow evening 3 more and Wednesday two more. They were Bonney 10 years...see more


16 May 2013

Honey was walking along the road limping on her rear leg. We took her to the vet and her leg was broken. She has now been operated but still not putting it down straight (see photo). This is a lovely little girl that needs a lot of loving with a new family...see more


20 May 2013

Rocky was rescued from the street by a lady. She contacted us and twe took Rocky under our care. He was very exhausted and dirty. His coat was full of knots, ticks, fleas and grass seeds stuck to his skin. We took him to the vet to have him check and blood his whole story

lila and janice

26 April 2013

This is Lila (now called Tilly) she was thrown out of a 4x4. Her coat was matted and long. This little girl is so friendly with everyone from the first minute she sees you, cant understand why people do this to their pets. What were the circumstances...see more

  very ill mastin

2 May 2013

This thin Mastin was spotted 2 months ago but was so terrified of people that it simply run away every time. I then received a call the other day to help a Mastin, which happened to be this one and that the people that were living...see more

6 pups rescued

21 April 2013

6 pups rescued - This last week we have had 4 different rescues involving a total of 6 pups all about 7 weeks. This runs true to form, as soon as the pups are weaned, the owner simple gets rid of them any old how :( Here they are a few days later all in bed and best of pals. What a mixture!!!


22 April 2013

Luna - This lovely Mastin female was found abandoned. The person that found her advertised in Facebook and we decided to help. She has now been adopted and is staying with us and will soon be flying to the Netherlands to her forever home where she will stay with another 2 dogs and three cats ...see more

sinead and james

20 April 2013

Just as we were going to put our feet up for 30 minutes, we had a call. Two more poor little souls found last evening. They were seen on the side of the road struggling to get out of a paper bag. We have called them Sinead. the little female water...see more

  elena going to a forever home in Germany

17 April 2013

Well all dogs away to Holland and Germany this morning. Bambi the little chihuahua in the top little box, Luke a black dog in the box and Elena the Mastin on the lead with me and Sarah that adopted the Mastin and came all the way from Germany to collect her...see more

2 pups rescued

12 April 2013

2 pups rescued - These two pups were found in the countryside and the man took them to the local vet and asked the vet to take them. The vet said he will phone a charity to see if te would take them. His reply was 'Oh well if they cant then...See more

  pepe and pilar

15 April 2013

Pepe and Pilar (7 weeks old) - were thrown over a fence. Frankie B above contacted us for help and they are now safe in our house. We want to thank him for rescuing these pups. Frankie kindly donated his time las...see more

Joe AID - Roxanne - Sasha - Rusty

11 April 2013

Joe& Roxanne at Malaga airport with Sasha & Rusty - The dogs were met by the scort that will be taking them to their new owners in belgium... see photos


  6 pups rescued

11 April 2013

6 pups taken away from a bad situation just in time and they are nowsafe in foster care. See more

mum and 7 pups dumpped in a box in the rubbish container

11 April 2013

A lady telephoned our friend yesterday because she found 7 pups in a cupboard box in the rubbish bins with the eyes not opened yet and  WAIT FOR IT!!! The mum was also in the box, how unscrupulous some people can be!!! Our friend phoned us for help and we have taken them more and see the video


26 March 2013

3 more dogs gone to a forever home in Holland.
JIM (Black dog) was tied up outside the gates of one of our foster homes last October but could not stay there so we placed him in another foster home until a forever home could be found.
OLLI......E (little tan dog) was found abandoned.
BRACON in the travel box was rescued a few weeks ago from El Paraiso dog pound
The photo was taken by Sinéad Quigley Maher, more


24 March 2013

This is Bobby he was taken out of the Paraiso dog pound by A.I.D. in mid February 2013 and Jaqui Ross kindly placed him with a foster home until a forever home could be found by us. Well we found him a home just a few weeks later in mid March. Bobby is now having a wonderful live in Torrox, Malaga with his new family. This is a photo we received today with his new mum Patricia... see more.

  2 pups thrown ito a rubbish container

25 March 2013

Janice was at Los Arcos event last Saturday with our A.I.D stall when she had a phone call about 2 pups in the rubbish containers. She got someone else to take care of the stall and rushed to find the puppies soaking wet and shivering. They are now being looked after. These were two of more

jan and pup

15 March 2013

Mum was found in a barn with 4 puppies on a cold floor -   Mama was in a barn with 4 puppies on a cold floor with just water and food. Via a tip Janice from A.I.D. found them and they are now safely housed. They soon come up for adoption, they are now 10 days old and their eyes just opened... see photos


16 March 2013

Last night we sent 3 more dogs to their forever home in Holland.
SAM the grey dog was found lost and starving in the countryside last October.
ADAMNAN the black pup was found dumped by the rubbish containers along with another 8 pups last November... see more

rescued from the killing station

1 March 2013

Another 6 dogs rescued from thelocal Dog Pound - Janice from AID went along to El Paraiso today with our network partner Arca Noah, a foster home as well as two new contacts that flew from Belgium and 6 dogs were rescued...see more


15 March 2013

This is Patje part of a litter of 5 pups his other brothers and sisters have found a home and now he is all alone. His mum is a small dog breed so Patje should be the same. After his vaccinations he will be ready for a home, can you offer this little boy a home? See photos


21 February 2013

Buddy - He had been sleeping in the school bins for about 6 month and was sharing scraps from children's school dinners with the wild cats.  He is very friendly but was too excitable for the children at the school so he was going to be sent to the local dog...see more

  bob rescued from the killing station

22 February 2013

Rescued from the local Dog Pound - Last week we met a lovely and dog caring lady called Jaqui Ross who is doing her own rescue work by taking dogs out of el Paraiso Killing Station in Churriana Malaga and finding forever homes for them but she is...see more

esmo & eefje

10 February 2013

Esmo & Eefje - This brother and sister were found at the bins by a Spanish man and phoned us to see what we could do. We manage to place them wit out friends afer they wen to our ve. As in most cases they were filthy and covered in fleas... see more

  DJ Lee Jay - Valentine 2013

15 February 2013

Valentine Charity Dinner Dance - DJ Lee Jay provided music and entertainment til 12.30am and Frankie B sung for 60 minutes and had everyone dancing to Boogie Nights. Over 100 guests came to support the A.I.D. event, which raised just under 850 euros. A great result and... see more


20 January 2013

Pipa - This little pup was found lost in the road, no micro chip. She was a very friendly little dog, very gentle but also courageous. after several weeks of care Pipa was adopted. Her new dad flew to Spain on the 19th January and spent the night in a hotel. The next day I meet him with Pipa at Malaga airport and she departed for the more

  danny & Merry

3 February 2013

Danny & Merry finally depart for their new homes in Holland. Danny has been in our home for the last two months and Merry has been in one of our foster homes for the last 10 months. Two dogs from our network partner Arca Noah also went on the same flight. see photos and video


19 January 2013

Jenny - In June 2011 people moved out and left her locked up in the villa. She was a friendly little pup, hardly barked and would sit quietly by our feet but was also full of life. We had been fostering Jenny along with a lot of other dogs since she was a young pup and finally 18 monhs more


13 January 2013

Katty & Kitty - Some children were walking around the market with 2 female pups and were simply giving them away. Janice took the pups from them because what usually happens in the end is that they are left abandoned at the market or they are put in the rubbish containers. They arenow safe with our network more


31 December 2012

Happy endings - What and end to a busy year. Via ourselves and our network contacts we have managed to find forever homes for just under 300 anmals in 2012. See some of them in here


2 January 2013

Honey - Found outside someone's house, very bold and with a bad flea allergy. She is a very friendly little dog. House trained, leash trained obviously had been someone's pet...see photos

sinead & joe at malaga airport

13 December 2012

Today I went to Malaga Airport with our foster home Sinead to deliver two of our rescued dogs. Ruffie on the left, which has been looked after by Sinead and Lulu on the right, which has been looked after by us at our home. Three other dogs... see depature and arrival photos


30 December 2012

Another 9 pups - Bekki and Belinda are sisters and are part of a litter of 9 pups, which were abandoned in the countryside. The mum could not be found? see some photos

9 abandoned pups

9 December 2012

Had a phone call from a Spanish man at about 10.30pm Sunday night saying that he had found a pup a few days old. With the set up we have at home and out on the road most days we cannot take care of bottle fed pups so we contacted our network partner and they more


12 December 2012

Abandoned pup - Yet another pup abandoned. Found outside someoen's house last weekend. Polka is only 8 weeks old and very affectionate and quiet...see photos and video

9 pups

24 November 2012

9 pups - They were abandoned at six weeks of age in a cardboard box and lef necxt to the rubbish bins. All black with white chest. They will all be wormed an vaccinated and made ready for adoption here and abroad. Click here to see them


old aviary

3 December 2012

The old timber aviary is dismantled and the new metal aviary is put up and ready for the parrots. See here



edwin at malaga airport

9 November 2012

This is Edwin Nienhuis at Malaga Airport one of our very few and kind volunteers who escorted 4 rescued dogs two Holland. We met him along with 2 dogs from our A.I.D charity and 2 from Arca Noah España. If you are flying to Belgium or Holland...more information and photos


4 abandoned pups

23 November 2012

These 4 pups (1 boy & 3 girls) were abandoned in a cupboard box outside our charity shop and it was done in the afternoon when the shop is closed. They were there a few hours before someone phoned us and told us about more



4 November 2012

Troy - This large puppy was found in a water ditch at 7 weeks of age. He is a big boy and looks like a Mastin. He is healthy and very playful like all pups sould be. See photos



5 November 2012

TIMON is a little dog that was run over by a car, which drove off. It was so bad that people had to get the police involved. The poor animal was crying. Janice from the A.I.D. charity shop is next to the vet and she heard the howling. Most of the skin in his left leg was peeled back by the accident...more photos and information

pocholo & snow flake

22 October 2012

Pocholo is reunited with his little friend Snow Flake - They had only known each other for a few weeks but when Snow Flake found a forever home in Holland Pocholo a 9-year old German Shepherd missed his little friend a lot. ... more information and photos


22 October 2012

Ths is Cu the ginger dog now called Pecu. He was in our refuge until a home was found in Finland for him. He was one of our biggest dogs but take a look at his new family!!! see photos and more information


la trocha A.I.D. fashion show 6 Oct 2012

6 October 2012

The A.I.D.Fashion Show at La Trocha, Coin, Malaga was again a wonderful event with winter fashion clothes and accessories all at very affordable prices and all worn by volunteers and their friends, which gave up their time to support the event. Arte Hair did a fantastic job on the girls with hair and make up and commentary was by DJ Lee Jay and we thank them all for their continued support.

The event raised much need funds for our charity but we had a disappointingly low attendance of only 35 guests, yet managed to raise a fantastic... read more & see photos


21 October 2012

4 pups abandoned in a cardboard box outside the agricultural shop. When I arrived one female was taken by a Spanish man as a present for his littel girl. I asked him if he would sterilise her when of age and his ...more information & photos

6 pups

2 Octoner 2012

Had a call this afternoon from Karen Stone about 6 pups left in a cardboard box by the rubbish bins. After sorting out where we were going to place them, I went to meet her and it turns out that they were only 3 days more


6 October 2012

Sky - The people woke up at 01.30 am because their dogs were barking and when they went out, they found a Sky stuck betweeen the post and the gate. Looks like somebody tried to get it into their property. This is a gentle and sweet little dog. See photos & video



25 September 2012

Sasha finally goes to her new home in the UK. We found her at 8 weeks of age with a broken leg and she is now 18 weeks old and has had two operations on her leg since then. Poor little thing does not know what running around and being a boystrous puppy is all more

  la trocha 28 sept 2012

30 September 2012

LA TROCHA EVENT IN COIN Friday 28 and Saturday 28 September - We really want to thank the organizers of the event at La Trocha. These events are not usually well advertised in advance so when the organiser came to our shop to invite us it came as a nice more



18 September 2012

Poppy - This little Bodeguero Ratonero (a Ratter) was found with hafl her body sticking out of a bag in the middle of the road. Looks like she was chewingh her way out of it. She could have been run over at any time. She has a bad skin problem due to see more


dead pups

22 September 2012

On the 14 September 6 pups were found in a plastic bag in the rubbish bin. Two were dead and the other four went into care with our friends at Arca Noah. Sadly two more died but these two in the photo are surviving and have to be bottle fed every 2 hours. They have.. read more


2 September 2012

Stella & Lola - The mum became pregnant and Stella and Lola were going to be abandoned because they were now older and a niusance to the owners. We took the pups from the owners and got them to sterilise the mum. See more



15 September 2012

Jada - Janice was driving home when she saw the Mastin walking along the middle of the road, head dow, dehydrated and very thin. She looked like she had had pups but non could be seen? She took her to the vets only to confirm that she probably...See more


19 August 2012

Sasha - NO ONE WANTS HER BECAUSE OF HER BROKEN LEG. She was found with her sister by the side of a country road, most likely abandoned. Sasha had a broken leg, which the vet put a splint straight away. Both pups had lots of ticks and fleas and now they are all clean, more

  fire near Coin, Malaga

30 August 2012

Fires in Coin, Alhaurin el Grande & Marbella We had no sleep thurday night as a huge fire was raging only a few Kilomtres down the road from us. We gathered all important documents and also organised to evacuate all our animals from our home (14 dogs, 13 cats and several birds). more information & video

janice with the 4 rescued pups

4 August 2012

4 abandoned pups - These 4-week old pups were abandoned in a cupboard box next to the rubbish containers. 1 female (2nd from the left) and 3 males. See photos


15 August 2012

Dalmatian - Found 2 days ago, lost, starving, dehydrated, long fingernails, open sores, Leishmaniasis Posite and has also taken hold of internal organs. What a shame. R.I.P. : ( See photos




27 July 2012

Bandit - He was tied up at the rubbish bins near a shopping centre so that people could find him and possibly take him. Problem is temperatures were very high as usual and also there was no water available for him. How thoughtful of people. He also had three bad teeth, which were taken out by our vet. Poor little lBandit!!! He is a very sweet and...see more


3 August 2012

Matt is part of a litter of 3 pups (1 male & 2 females) They were found in the countryside in very hot summer weather, full of fleas and ticks, very hungry and very thirsty and would not stop drinking when we gave them a water bowl. They have now been wormed and cleaned and are being looked after by a foster home. See more...


23 July 2012

Margo abandoned - This little 7 week old female pup was abandoned at the local vet. We had to take her home temporarily, we had already taken in some dogs two days earlier and we simply have no more room but now someone has agreed to foster her. It never ends, we receive phone calls and emails every single day.

  tika & teka

26 July 2012

Tika & Teka - These two sisters were thrown over somone's fence when they were 9 weeks old and they were covered in ticks and flees and were very dirty. Poor little things must have been living a very rough life in the countryside and what is amazing is that they are so very friendly, which makes us think that they were with someone but kept in very bad conditions. They look like they are only going to be small dogs when they are older...see more photos

janice (A.I.D) with 4 of the 5 pups rescued

18 July 2012

5 pups rescued - These is janice from (A.I.D) holding 4 of the pups. We received a call from a dustmam in Alhaurin de la Torre. He was about to empty the container when he saw inside 5 puppies. They are now in the care of one of our network partners. We had to take one of the pups to the vets for a small operation because he had a Hernia and an eye lash turned more

  sweet cake

21 July 2012

Sweet Cake - This pup was found starving and dehydrated and a man was beating it with a stick to make it go away. This is a very sweet girl and within a one hour of love and kindness she started to trust us and her tail was wagging. She is now getting on great with our other dogs..see more photos

suki and sasha

3 July 2012

Suki & Sasha These twin sisters were found sitting together by the side of a country road, most likely abandoned. Sasha has a broken leg, which we will be put into a splint straight away. They had lots of ticks and fleas...See photos & video


14 July 2012

Gracey was found on the 4th April 2012. Her brother had been run over by a car and was lying on the side of the road. Gracey was found on top of her brother crying and wondering why her brother was not moving...see more

nina and bubu

14 June 2012

Nina - After 1 year in a foster home and 2 years in our refuge 8 year old Nina has found a home. She has gone to an elderly gentleman that a few months ago also took in a 10 year old dog called Bubu from our...Read more


20 June 2012

Claude was found half buried in a pile of rubble in the aceqia  by my other dog ruby whilst we were out  walking , I really thought when I picked him up he wouldn’t make it through the day so skinny with no hair at all and weighing in at 400 grammes. After visiting the vet to find out he wa...Read more


7 June 2012

Corrine is part of a litter of 3 females and 1 male abandoned inside a rubbish container when they were 10 days old. They were rescued and are now in a foster home being bottle fed. These puppies are so beautiful...See photos

  AGV supplies

13 June 2012

Supplies from AGV the Galgo rescue in Belgium - After gathering, sorting and storing dog food and medical supplies from the 23rd May 2012 have now arranged the transport to Arca Noah in Malaga. The transport left on the 13th June for Spain. Several people have put in...Read more

gabby and Romeo

11 May 2012

Gabby & Romeo -Gabby and his brother Romeo are looking for a home but can go separate. The owner emigrated but could only take some of the dogs that he had, so these two lost the bet so to speak. They are lead trained and very friendly... See photos & video


23 May 2012

Ela -Ela is a Podenco Andaluz and must have been abandoned by a hunter and on first impressions she was very scared of humans. Within a few days I have found her to be very agile, inquisitive and very loving and with some love and patience she will be a great family dog...See photos & video

6 dead pups

2 May 2012

My wife Janice went to the bins to dump the rubbish on the way to our Charity shop and parked in front of them and got rid of the rubbish, as she turned the van around to pull away the sunlight made a glimmer.. Read more

  goofy and luto

9 May 2012

Pluto, Goofy and their mother were thrown out of a car and left alone in the countryside with no food or water. The photo shows the people that found then with a sign next to them. A witness says that the mum and pups were thrown out of a car and the mum went chasing the car...Read more

villafranco labrador

17th April 2012

We had a phone call last night at about 7.30pm from one of our foster homes that was walking her dog in the countryside a couple of Kms behind La Trocha shopping centre.  Apparently there is a house with and large pen/cage area where there are chickens...full story plus photos

   fashion show 2012

28 April 2012

The Animals In Distress 4th Charity Fashion Show was held this year at La Trocha Shopping Centre, Coin, Malaga on Saturday 28th April at 3pm at the Wellington Centro de Cultura and was a great success with over 90 people attending. There was a fantastic range of clothing from beach to summer evening ware all modeled by our volunteers and friends.
The clothes were all available for purchasing before and after the show and also there was a large selection of goods for sale at the stalls, which included handmade cards, jewelry, shoes, handbags, hats and much more. We thank Arte hair from Alhaurin el Grande for the continued support for doing all the hair and...full article and photos

12 pups

4th April 2012

6 pups - They are part of a litter of 12 left in a cupboard box by rubbish containers at the Rio Grande in Coin. The person that found them is fostering 6 of them and the other six are being fostered by one of ourcontacts. These 12 puppies are some of the lucky ones that get found in time. See them here

  marko after his operation

7th April 2012

Marko after his operation - Letter from the vet regarding Marko: On Tuesday, 03/04/2012 Marco underwent surgery to attempt total hip replacement. After several hours of surgery the femoral head was removed, also removed were scar tissue on both sides of the joint and placed the two parts of the prosthesis...Read the whole story


25th March 2012

Milly - Another victim of neglect. She was pregnant and she was unceremoniously thrown out of a car! People of a restaurant saw it happen and took her. They contacted us but we had...Read more

  mickey and barney

25th March 2012

Mickey & Barney - After 8 months at our refuge. Mickey and Barney finally found a home. The went to Sweden to their forever home on 25 March. Sadly they will be going to separte homes... See their page


9th March 2012

Ray - This little pup had been around the rubbish containers for about two nights. We managed to get the man that found it to foster Ray until he gets better and we can find forever home. As it turns out Ray is completly blind...Read more

  ruby at malaga airport

16th March 2012

Ruby - Janice from A.I.D. saying farewell to Ruby at Malaga Airport. Ruby has been looking for a home for about 2 years and tonight she went on her way to Holland to meet her new mum and a new play mate. Wowww I am going to miss her companyt... See the video


20th February 2012

Ernie - Was homed 2 years ago and now the owner is returning to the UK and is abandoning him. He is 8 years old, very friendly, affectionate and loves lots of cuddles. He is ok with other dogs and cats. Can anyone take him on? More photos


22nd February 2012

Bianca - was laying on the side of the motorway looking very sad and thin. She had a skin allergy, which is now under treatment and apparently she is DEAF. She is very sweet natured and from the moment she was found her tail was... More photos & Information


20th January 2012

A Galgo (Greyhound) was left tied up outside Pepis Refugio - The dogs were barking as normal but Alan and Jane new the different barks and this meant a new arrival. Alan walked down to the gate with a small torch only to see two green....Read more


8th February 2012

Mischa - This sorry looking female Podenco just over 6 months old was found by a volunteer dog walker near our refuge on the 8th February 2012 in very cold weather. She is all skin and bones, had Ticks on her and is only 5.4KG (should be about 10-12Kg)...Read more


9th January 2012

Harvey and Bess Brother and sister appeared outside someone’s door, thin and full of ticks. 3 weeks later the people asked for our help and we took them in but had to be in ou refuge. Harvey is larger than Bess and more active. After several...Read more


13th January 2012

Pilar and Sonny What more could I have wished for on my birthday, two Podencos Pilar from our refuge and Sonny from the foster home finally made their way to the Netherlands to meet their new families. We took them to the airport and they...See the video


21st December 2011

Starving dog - This Skinny looking dog is a Podenco and in Spain it is mainly used for hunting. As in most cases when a dog gets to big or no longer hunts well enough it is simply abandoned to make room for a pup. He had been seen...Read more


5th January 2012

We received yet another phone call today regarding stray dogs and pups. Please read this story and see if you can help? - We moved from Coin to Alhaurin el Grande towards the end of 2010. The “we being my wife (Lorena) and I, my father who is ...Read more


17th December 2011 - Bettie finally finds a home...Read her story - See her video



22nd November 2011

Abandoned Waterdog - Our friend Janet had seen this dog hanging around in an area for over 3 weeks, which could be where he had been abandoned. Other people had seen him and fed him but no one did...Read more


1st December 2011

Podencoworld - Today Podenco world delivered 5 dogs to Amsterdam, two of those were from our rescue centre in Coin, Malaga. Our Doggies were Polly and Nipper. Polly was met by her new owner and Nipper by his...Read more


19th November 2011

Podencoworld visit - Today I had the pleasure of meeting four lovely days that find forever homes in the Netherlands for stray and abandoned dogs that are at present in a refuge/association in the South of Spain...Read more

  Janice (A.I.D.)

Week 14th November 2011

Micro chips - Janice from A.I.D. had a phone call from a friend about a black and white dog in Sierra Gorda. She said it was very poorly and looked ill so she told her to take it to the local vet in Coin Town. On inspection the dog had a micro chip and the Spanish owner was contacted and he...Read more


millie and tillie at the council rubbish tip





30th October 2011

Tillie, Millie and her 6 pups - First saw the adult female dogs in July they were all together. They lived on a council disposal site (Punto Limpio) next to a juvenile prison...Read more



16th October 2011

Molly - See the Video of Dogs beeing met by their new owners at Amsterdam airport. The dogs are from La Linea (near Gibraltar), Arcah Noah (Alhaurin el Grande and A.I.D. (Coin)...Read more

5 pups from la mota

14 October 2011

This is Janice from A.I.D (on the left) with Chris one of our contacts from Holland. These 6-week old pups were rescued by Janice.They were with their mum and living in the countryside in the Coin area amongst the bushes in a filthy condition. They have all been checked over...Read more

  georgia and scruffy

13 October 2011

A short while ago 11 years old Georgia and her parents adopted Scruffy from us. She also helps charities when she can and this time with help of her parents she set up a stall for the car-boot at the Hippodromo in La Cala. She cleared out all her old toys and books and made 3 dozen...Read more


September 2011

We had been told that there were some puppies down a revine and upon arrival we found a small Springer cross mum and 4 pups of about 3-4 weeks old. She had been using a very deep thole on the side of the enbankment that probably some wild animal could have made previously. We called on Bill Hill...Read more

  lucy kopsch


September 2011

Lucy came on holiday to Spain for one week and brought with her from the UK lots of brand new adjustable clip-on collars for our rescued dogs and while she was here she also paid for the sterilisation of two stray cats that were....Read more



September 2011

LEXY is about 3 years old and was found in a very bad condition with her coat overgrown and completely matted. Her claws were three times the normal size.

We took her to the doggy saloon and now she is being fostered until a permanent home can...See more

  peter and Hazel


1st September 2011

We want to thank Hazel and Peter Bateman for their continued support in various ways. Every time they visit Spain for the holidays they allways bring something for the doggies at our Refuge in Coin.Photo from 1st September 2011when they brought... Read more



August 2011

Harry a 1 year old male was found in someone’s garden. Apparently he was so thin that he must have squeezed through the gate railings.  As the man went towards him he kept backing off and seemed very frightened of men?

One of his back legs was hanging and could not put it on the floor. We received the call for help. When Janice arrived she called to him and he simply came towards...Read more



August 2011

Caretta is a female Spanish Galgo (Greyhound). She was left at our friend’s refuge near Seville. When they contacted us she was heavily pregnant and she looked old. We could not take her in but we knew that our local Dutch contact would as...Read more


Do I go home today?

My family brought me home cradled in their arms.
They cuddled me and smiled at me and said I was full of charm.
They played with me and laughed with me and showered me with toys.
I sure do love my family, especially the little girls and boys.

The children loved to feed me; they gave me special treats.
They even let me sleep with them - all snuggled in the sheets.
I used to go for walks, often several times a day.
They even fought to hold the leash, I'm very proud to say.

These are the things I'll not forget - a cherished memory.
I now live in the shelter - without my family.
They used to laugh and praise me when I played with that old shoe.
But I didn't know the difference between the old one and the new.

The kids and I would grab a rag, for hours we would tug.
So I thought I did the right thing when I chewed the bedroom rug.
They said that I was out of control and would have to live outside.
This I didn't understand, although I tried and tried.

The walks stopped, one by one; they said they hadn't time.
I wish that I could change things; I wish I knew my crime.
My life became so lonely in the backyard, on a chain.
I barked and barked all day long to keep from going insane.

So they brought me to the shelter but were embarrassed to say why.
They said I caused an allergy, and then they each kissed me goodbye.
If I'd only had some training as a little pup.
I wouldn't have been so hard to handle when I was all grown up.

"You only have one day left",
I heard the worker say.
Does that mean I have a second chance?
Do I go home today?

by Sandi Thompson

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