We have rented a warehouse and land next to us so that the animals have more space as well as being able to help more dogs that come under our care.
The previous tenants cleared all their items before they left and the warehouse was left I good condition.
We then went in with a power washer and disinfected the walls and floors and gave everything a clean before we started to erect a storage area for our tools, dog blankets and all sorts of things as well as erecting 5 dog kennels of about 4m x 4m.
We have also had several loads of river gravel delivered, which we will spread on the land as it gets very muddy when it rains and I am sure the doggies will soon start digging holes, lol.
We need funds to help pay for the metal pens, which at the moment is 1300.00 euros and more gravel for the land will be required in the next few weeks so we guess the total will be about 1700.00euros to get the job finished.
In the last 3 weeks we have also started to do lots of work at our main shelter and play area to a total of about 4000 euros, which includes roof over a caravan, two very large play pens outside, Large drainage area alongside of the main dog kennels, roof to the entrance to the volunteer cabin for protection against heat and rain, 2 puppy pens with concrete floor, large drainage gutter in front of 4 outside pens and much more….
Please help if you can, I know money is tight but every little bit helps towards this large project.

AID shelter new kennels AID shelter new kennels
AID shelter new kennels AID shelter new kennels
AID shelter new kennels play pens
2 extra large areas have been created to allow us to separate some of the dogs when they are out in the exercise area.
new pens in the play area escape proof top to play pens
The second play area is now completed with fencing all around and secure gates as well as outside runs so that the Dogs are not in their pens for long periods of time. This are is connected directly to the pens via a doorway and the whole project has cost about 2000 euros. Please help us to meet this bill by donating via this link: http://www.animals-in-distress.eu/donate.html

The new Animals In Distress (A.I.D.) Shelter nearly finished. It has cost around 12,000.00 euros and so far we have only had donations to the amount of 7,000.00 euros. The total bill could about 20.000.00€ Please help us if you can, any donation small or large will be gratefuly received. Please go to this lnk to donate: https://fundrazr.com/a1Bqg7

the cabins
area for recreation
old play area Before
new play area
caravn for volunteer 24/7
dogs in new pens
Caravan for our 24/7 volunteer
reassuring the nevous ones
Playtime with the dogs
Reassuring the nervous ones
help when needed

We want to thank Armando Troncosofrom CoinGardens for coming to our new shelter to help break down a wall to take a large metal door as well as cutting gaps in the kennels to take new doors. He came along with his father and cousin and all three spent all morning working hard and for FREE. I have used Armando and his family privately every now and then and they are very good fencers and gardening maintenance people. He is the one in the middle. A BIG THANK YOU from A.I.D.








kennels in foster homes kennels in foster homes
UPDATE - The appeal on Fundrazr for 5000 euros for the construction of concrete bases and kennels in foster homes has only reached 590 euros plus we have had private donations to the amount of 160 making a total of 750 euros. The appeal has now sizzled down and no more funds are been put forward We want to thank the few people that contributed. We have put 250 euros towards the kennel in the first photo and 500 euros towards the kennels in the second photo. If you wish to contribute to the appeal, please go to this link: https://fundrazr.com/f17PR3?fb_ref=share__c1zIE2
This is the new AID Cattery, smaller but warmer for the pussycats
the new AID cattery warm sleeping quarters at the AID cattery
3 December 2012
Down with the old timber aviary and up ith the new metal aviary.
old aviary
old aviary
Birds inside cages (keep the dogs away) awaiting the dismantling of the old timber aviary
Bill and his mate dismantling the old timber aviary. The parrots need something stronger
new aviary
just the roof needed
The new metal aviary will house the parrots
Just the roof to go on
roof on
tea break
The roof is on and the parrots are in
Tea break for bill and his mate. Cant keep my dogs away from a nibble :)
Rosellas, Parakeets and more in their new home
Big girl Molly in her own home
Video taken 7 December 2012


23 October 2012

Thanks to your kind donations we have been able to to give our cats a better and warmer living environment. Many thanks to Bill Hill for completing the job before the rains came.
2 of the 5 sections of the previous cattery
Bill starting on the new accommodation
16 new bed areas constructed
Top and bottom accommodation. This is so much better daddy!!!
Dirt trays and feeding bowls area

March 2011


Yet again Bee and her husband come to the rescue. Bee has joined our small team of dog walkers. Our doggies little faces say it all when they see the dog lead coming towards them. The funds we raised are much needed to help the dogs we rescue so it's fantastic news when Bill offered his services to render the kennels walls as we normally have to pay some one because volunteers are hard to find. Bill has now finished one of the the small walls in one of our nine kennels at the sanctuary.



January 2011

Walls erected at our santuary

The much needed new sides are being erected at our santuary. This is more higinic and better protection for our dogs. Funds have to be found for materials and for 2 men for 4 days as volunteers are few and far between.

January 2010

New Kennels January 2010 & Extension to existing Cattery August 2010

August 2010 - Many thanks to Joann & Brian Parsons for the donation lots of aviary panels to help the animals. Due to the amount of homeless cats, we are converting these panels into 3 temporary catteries adjoining our existing one at home, which we hope they will be ready to be used by mid August.

As we have not been able to get volunteers or free materials, we will be using part of the funds raised at the Rock N' Roll evening by T.O.P.S. to pay for the labour and materials needed to finish this new project.


January 2010 - 6 kennels 2m x 4 m each with outside exercise area finally finished and now full within a few days. Plus 1 cattery of 2m x 4 with 4 cats residing (on the right, not showing)


Janice (A..I.D.) with the first three dogs to go in the kennels. A peaceful and shaded setting until a permanent home can be found.


Is someone going to come forward today and give me us a good loving home?.


All these dogs have all had a previous home

December 2009

We have managed to purchase at a reduced rate a second hand caravan as lodging for someone at the kennels. We need to raise funds towards the caravan and kennels (see kennels below).

Are you looking for accommodation and something to do with your spare time?

We offer free lodgings in a caravan in exchange for looking after the Dogs & Cats in our small kennels? Telephone 616 094 034

November 2009

At long last the 6 kennels and the cattery have been started. They are located in between an Orange/Lemon Grove. This situation is ideal for protection against the cold/ wind/sun. They should be finished December 2009

The kennels are situated in an Orange & Lemon grove with a Caravan on site


The entrance to the shaded excercise area and kennels


The West end


Excercise area and kennels


Each kennel area is 4m x 2m and has 2 dog houses


October 2009

Looks like the much awaited kennels for temporary lodging will now get started. and we are stilll looking fo a caravan.


24th March 2009

Due to the amount of homeless animals that are coming into our care, we now need to expand. 

We have the opportunity to build six dog kennels 2m x 4m and one for cats same size on a plot of land in Coin, as temporary homes for the animals.

We urgently need funds for this project so please help us to help the animals.  

Donations can be made at the ‘Heart fm radio’ office in Alhaurin el Grande (near Britt Essentials) and also directly to us by credit card via the 'Donate' button. 

If anyone has a caravan that they are not using, it would be very gratefully received. We need it as accommodation for someone to live on the plot and keep an eye on the animals.

Each pen is for 2 dogs


Temporary Puppy pens
These are the pens 90cm x 90cm that we put into some of our foster homes.
Photo - right, is the sixth pen purchased (set up in our back room at home).
Ideal temporary housing for recently rescued pups that need a bit of peace and quiet
away from other dogs.

Temporary Puppy home                      
Tom & Jerry were found in scrub land in Cartama.
They spent a few days in our home until a permanent home was found for them.
The pens are mainly used for bedtime or when someone has to go out for a while



This is the new enclosure of 2m x 4m for rescued cats that need a temporary home. 
It was constructed by A.I.D. with funds raised from one of the charity events and will be ready to be used from 25th February 2009.

Enclosure built against garage wall       
Dog inspection. Might fancy this for himself? 
Smoothing down newly laid concrete 
Wind and rain protecttion
Bamboo for rustic finish and further protection
Cat run ready for use 
This is my bed  (basket right)
Top off to show insulated cat sleeping area
Each box sleeps 2 cats    
Inspecting their new temporary home

 'The two cat Sleeping-Box-shelters were Kindly donated by Derek & Elizabeth McCusker



Dog enclousers & Exercise run in Cartama
Work carried out with the funds raised at
the Annual Charity Posh Pets Fun Dog Show & Pet Race

Old chicken run - Cleand out 
New front & inner Housing
Jason & Ken (volunteers) decided on a better roof.
Afterwards - Salvador trying out the inner housing
Before - Old pidgeon housing 
Afterwards- With inner housing & wind protection
Before - The field and Old Pigeon housing.
 After - with Portable exercise area 10m x 10m
Volunteer - Rachel Dog walker and lead training (Lady)